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There are several watershed management efforts currently underway by local watershed groups. They each have their own specific priorities related to water quality improvements, but the overall missions of these organizations are overlapping and related to working to improve regional water quality and management. The GLRC collaborates on several different projects and efforts related to water quality improvements, recreational opportunities, pollution prevention and in general regional water resource management.

Watershed Management Plans

The Eaton Conservation District and Michigan State University Institute of Water Research are developing watershed management plans for the Middle Grand and Red Cedar River Watersheds, respectively. These efforts are funded through federal 319 non-point source grants through the MDEQ. The plans focus on improving the quality of impaired water bodies. Both the Middle Grand and Red Cedar Rivers do not meet water quality standards for E.coli and Dissolved Oxygen levels. Both plans are in the final review stages through MDEQ and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. and approval is expected in early 2015.

Middle Grand River Watershed Planning Project

Red Cedar River Watershed Planning Project